About Us

Established in 1995, Spector Quality Services Inc. has been engaged in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and advanced NDE of pressure equipment in Alberta. Based on the overall direction of NDE advancement and delivery, Spector is now pleased to offer a broad range of NDE technical and quality management solutions. Our services are intended to support the rapid growth of advanced ultrasonic techniques and increase the overall quality of NDE service delivery.



    • Spector has played a key role in the research, development and implementation of automated ultrasonic systems and field services for an advanced ultrasonic service provider.

    • Spector is associated with Flawspec Manufacturing Inc. which manufactures flawed specimens, qualification blocks and calibration standards for the NDE industry.

    • Spector’s Level 3 NDE specialists have developed and implemented specifications and qualification systems which are currently used in the nuclear and heavy industrial sectors.

    • Spector’s staffs are also directly involved with ASME code committees which focus on ultrasonic examination and piping.