Spector Quality Services (Spector) provides a variety of services for owners/users, fabricators and NDE service providers which will elevate NDE service quality levels by creating and implementing specifications, procedures, qualifications and quality control processes. Spector will act as your organization’s NDE expert for all aspects of NDE service delivery through development, support, and surveillance of NDE. Our services will serve to manage and administer all aspects of high quality NDE service execution.


By implementing the solutions Spector is offering, your organization will reap the benefits of increased quality and reduced costs associated with NDE and NDE management. The greatest benefit from these services, which heighten NDE service quality, will be the increase in the overall NDE industry’s skill level, required accuracy and accountability.

Spector is associated with Flawspec Manufacturing Inc. which manufactures flawed specimens, qualification blocks and calibration standards for the NDE industry.